Coal Creek Consulting


Coal Creek Consulting is your number one solution for wireless development and site modification services in the Southwest. With our unmatched experience in this territory, we consistently outperform our competition, both large and small.

About Us

Growing Throughout the West

Coal Creek was established in Arizona in 2009. In the past few years, we’ve branched out to Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Southern Oregon. In July 2020, Coal Creek established a new office in Utah.

Speed to Market

It’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow. Coal Creek focuses on how to get results FASTER. Technology moves faster than development. Coal Creek uses PROVEN methods to get our clients from “Project Start” to “On-Air.”


Coal Creek Consulting has extensive experience:

  • Worked on over 4,500 sites in AZ, ID, NV, NM, UT and WY

  • 725 New Leases, 1,200 Amendments, 1,100 LL Consents

  • Modified over 1,600 sites

  • Completed 250 MW links

  • Processed over 1025 Amendments

  • Received over 2550 Zoning Approvals without a single denial

  • Pulled over 1785 Building Permits

  • Managed construction on over 900 sites



Coal Creek takes care of the “little” details in leasing to avoid “BIG” problems over the life of the lease.  First, it is important to find the RIGHT candidate. What is the coverage objective? Budget? Desired timeline? Once we determine your priorities, we identify viable choices.  We have a PROVEN method of success with leasing.  We set the expectation with the property owner.  We identify challenges early and forecast timelines with those challenges in mind.  We negotiate in good faith on behalf of YOU.  We listen and use experience to minimize the need for costly attorney review fees.  We set the expectation for when leasing timelines need to be hit and work with landlords to meet YOUR timelines.


Zoning and Permitting is a Coal Creek strength.  Coal Creek has NEVER had a site denied in zoning. Our job is to design a site that follows the Federal, State, and Local requirements while minimizing the impact to affected parties. We anticipate issues that can occur in zoning and give YOU options during design. Our secret to success is our approach.  We listen, we educate, and when possible, we collaborate.  This approach builds trust with Jurisdictions, neighbors, and other interested parties. 


Deploying a reliable wireless network is expensive.  Sites can be built correctly without frivolous design costs. Coal Creek looks to design a “leasable” and “zoneable” site while staying conscious of your budget.  This is done by designing the best site and identifying costs up front.  Our experienced Construction Managers will work closely with your general contractors to guarantee your standard of quality is met. Their high attention to detail will help relieve the burden of unnecessary change orders and keep your projects on schedule.