Are you interested looking for a partner to assist with your wireless development and site modification process? If so, you don’t need to look any further than Coal Creek Consulting! At Coal Creek, we are proud to offer a full list of services that can allow you to rest easily in knowing that your project is in good hands. Here is a look at just some of the services that Coal Creek provides.

Site Identification and Land Use Analysis

Our experts will not only find the perfect site for your project, but we will also implement our expertise and experience to find that site that maximizes your needs. By completing a full land use analysis, you can feel confident that the site will meet your needs now as well as into the future.

Title Work

Issues with the land title can lead to unexpected delays, which not only hurts your timeline but can also eat away at your project budget. At Coal Creek, we review titles and identify any potential issues upfront. If you decide to move forward with the site despite these potential issues, we create a plan to resolve those issues early in the process so your project can move forward without a hitch.

Site Design

Finding the perfect site is not the end to the process. Clearly, you also need to create the right site design to meet the needs of your project. With our team of architects and engineers, we can create the right design to meet your needs. 

Construction Management

Of course, it won’t matter how perfect the design may be if it is not implemented correctly. With our construction management services, we provide the oversight to guarantee the design is being created as expected. With our wealth of industry knowledge combined with the relationships that we have established within the industry, we can ensure your project is completed on time and with the quality workmanship you expect. Contact us today to learn more!