When establishing a new cell phone tower, there are several legal and technical aspects that must be handled in order to ensure a smooth construction process and implementation of the technology. At Coal Creek Construction, we offer construction management services that will ensure all of the legalities are handled promptly and accurately. Some of the services you can count on our team to handle for your project include:

  • Turnkey Project Management: from site identification to going on-air, we will handle every aspect of your project. Having one vendor manage the entire process helps to eliminate unnecessary handoffs and communication delays, thereby helping to increase the speed and accuracy of the project.
  • Title Work: Issues with obtaining titles can lead to extreme delays or even bring the project to a complete halt. Our team will review the titles and identify issues early in order to create a plan to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. 
  • Zoning Approvals: whether your project only requires simple administrative approvals or complex zoning hearings, our team will ensure your project remains compliant and meets all of the jurisdictional requirements to continue to move forward. 
  • Permitting: thanks to our in-depth knowledge of jurisdictional processes combined with the relationships we have fostered with local jurisdictions, we are able to help minimize delays in the process of obtaining the necessary permits for your project. 
  • Material Management: from coordinating services to obtaining and maintaining materials, our team has the skills and knowledge it takes to obtain the high-quality materials you demand for your project. 

Simply put, our team consists of driven personalities with a wealth of knowledge and connections within the industry. This ensures your project is completed on time and with the quality workmanship you desire. Contact us today to learn more about our construction management services and how we can help you complete your project as quickly and smooth as possible!