As you work toward developing and building your site, you will undoubtedly want skilled architects and engineers to be a part of the process. Yet, while the two professions are frequently lumped together and work as a team, you may want to first gain a better understanding of the role that each of these types of professionals will play in developing your site.

What is an Architect?

An architect is someone who plans, designs and oversees the construction of a building or structure. Generally speaking the architect is most concerned with how the structure looks, which means the architect will learn toward being artistic and creative with an emphasis on theoretical thinking.

What is an Engineer?

Generally speaking, engineers are professionals who invent, design and analyze machines, gadgets, complex systems and structures. When it comes to developing your site, the engineers is obviously going to be someone who is more concerned with structures than with other areas of focus or study. Whereas the architect is more focused on aesthetics, the engineer is more focused on the mathematical aspects of building the site in order to ensure the safety and functionality of the structure. 

How Do Architects and Engineers Work Together?

Architects and engineers typically work together when designing and creating structures. The engineer may review the architect’s design to determine which materials can be used or how to safely construct the structure that the architect has envisioned. While the architect focuses on the aesthetics and special functionality of the structure, the engineer is more concerned with the actual structure itself and ensuring it can withstand normal and extreme conditions. 

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