When it comes to a successful cell phone tower construction project, all of the little details are important. Therefore, at Coal Creek Consulting Services, we strive to provide all of the services you need for successful project completion. Rather than simply focus on things such as site selection and obtaining permits, we also focus on important tasks such as power coordination and Ethernet backhaul coordination.

Creating the Design that Meets Your Needs

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Coal Creek Consulting Services offers the architectural and engineering services you need to produce accurate site plans that suit your needs, With our attention to detail, you can count on issues being minimized while also reducing your overall cost without cutting any corners.

To ensure you are able to visualize the final product and to assist with meeting with other stakeholders involved with the process, our team will also develop photo simulations to serve as a visual tool. These simulations can be essential when it comes to obtaining approval for the project and getting neighborhood groups on bard with the construction. 

Hooking Up Your System

Beyond constructing the actual tower, having a functional cell phone tower also requires taking steps to address the technical aspects of your project. Whether fiber, microwave or satellite backhaul, we understand the need for additional bandwidth  and high-speed connectivity. Simply put, a cell site with no backhaul is nothing more than “visual blight,” so you can count on us to complete the Ethernet backhaul coordination necessary for your project to be a success. 

Similarly, Coal Creek Consulting Services will also assist with all of your power coordination needs. From simple meter installation to complex solar design and implementation, we will put our expertise to work to meet your needs. We will work with local power companies to ensure a power plan is in place from the very start of your project. Contact us today to learn more!