At Coal Creek Consulting, we specialize in offering a wide range of services. Among these services are Radio Frequency, or RF, Engineering services. But what exactly is RF Engineering and how does it benefit you and your project?

What is RF Engineering?

An RF engineer is an electrical engineer who specializes in the IT and Telecom sector. As such, an RF engineer specializes in working with equipment that sends or receives radio waves. This includes items such as radios, wireless devices and, of course, mobile phones. With all types of communication running through radio waves, including wireless and mobile devices, an RF engineer helps to provide the guidance for these waves and this type of communication.

What are Some of the Things that a RF Engineer Does?

An RF engineer designs, implements and maintains wireless communication technology. This involves continuously assessing the network pointers as well as performing routine maintenance on existing devices. 

When your smartphone went from 1G to 4G LTE, an RF engineer was responsible for helping to make this happen. This is because part of the duties of an RF engineer is to plan strategies for making new wireless networks and implementing new technologies. As a part of this process. RF engineers also survey acquired space for communication towers. By scrutinizing all of the available data, the RF engineer is then able to create a custom strategy for reaching wireless technology goals. 

Of course, there are always regulations and standards that must be met throughout this process. Ensuring these standards are met is also a part of the RF engineer’s job. This includes ensuring the project is in complete compliance with FCC regulations.

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