When working on your wireless communication site development project, it is essential to have a field operations management to ensure the project is done right. Understanding the role of a field operations manager and how a field operations manager can help with your project will help you to better see just how valuable Coal Creek Consulting can be as a part of your development team.

What is a Field Operations Manager?

A field operations manager is responsible for helping to implement and improve a company’s sales, field marketing and merchandising initiatives. This may include hiring and training field reps as well as evaluating and analyzing their performance. The field operations manager is also responsible for planning and managing the logistics of the project, including ensuring the team has the skills and resources necessary to successfully implement the strategy that has been developed. 

What are the Duties of a Field Operations Manager?

A field operations manager is responsible for managing a team for field sales, marketing and merchandising. As such, some of the typical duties of a field operations manager include coordinating the sales and marketing executives in order to develop field strategies and initiatives as well as hiring and training field representatives. A field operations manager is also responsible for assessing and evaluating the performance of individuals as well as teams within the staff while also filling the knowledge gaps that may exist by providing additional training and professional development programs. A field operations manager must also measure, analyze and communicate the progress that has been made toward achieving goals.

In short, with the help of the field operations management services from Coal Creek, your project will receive the attention and branding that it needs to be successful. After all, creating a wireless communication site requires more than just construction, it also requires getting the buy-in of the community as well as potential customers. Contact us today to learn more.