When you work with Cola Creek to handle your wireless development needs, you can be sure we will think of all of the little details to help ensure you are able to reach the goals that you have set for your business or company. One area where we strive to assist our clients with making the smoothest transitions possible is in the area of leasing. In fact, we are determined to be sure that every Coal Creek site is completely leasable so you can avoid the possibility of hassles down the road.

Finding the Right Candidate

At Coal Creek, we believe the first step toward obtaining a leasable site is finding the right candidate. We ask important questions to ensure we are on the same page as you from start to finish. Some of the key pieces of information that we will need include:

  • What is your coverage objective?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your desired timeline?

Once we have determined these three main priorities, we will be able to start looking for viable options.

Setting Expectations

With our proven method of success with leasing, we are confident we will find the right property and property owner to meet your needs. As we search through the available options for your wireless development goals, we will also be sure to set expectations with the property owner. In this way, we can be sure the property owner is fully aware of what is needed for you and your company. We also identify potential challenges early in the process so we can immediately begin to look for ways to address those challenges while also creating a timeline that keeps those challenges in mind. 

In short, our team of experts is there to support you and advocate on your behalf. This means we will negotiate in good faith on behalf of you. By listening closely to your needs and putting our years of experience to work for you, we help to minimize the need for costly attorney review fees while also setting you up for success with a leasing timeline that is designed to meet your timeline and needs. 

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