As a full-service wireless development consultation company, Coal Creek stays by your side from the very beginning of your project all the way until it is completed. As a part of this process, we handle all zoning and permitting that is needed to ensure your project is meeting all local, state and federal requirements.

What is Zoning?

Zoning refers to the way the government controls the physical development of land within its boundaries. Zoning laws typically specify which areas can be developed for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes. Zoning laws may also regulate dimensional requirements for lots as well as for the buildings on the property. In addition, zoning laws may dictate whether or not certain animals are allowed to be maintained on the property.

Addressing Zoning Concerns with Coal Creek

At Coal Creek, we consider zoning and permitting to be one of our strengths. In fact, we have never had a site be denied in zoning. This is because we make sure to design a site that abides by all local, state and federal requirements while also minimizing the impact the project has on all parties that are affected by it. In addition, we anticipate potential zoning issues from the very beginning, thereby giving you a better understanding of your options during the design portion of the project. By listening to you, educating you and collaborating wherever necessary, we have been able to build trust with neighbors, jurisdictions and other interested parties to ensure your project is a success.

If you are ready to get started on your wireless development project, contact Coal Creek today. We will be happy to explain all of our services to you so you can decide whether or not we are a good fit for you and your project. We are confident you will not be disappointed!

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