At Coal Creek Consulting, one of our services is to assist you with designing the site to suit your needs. With over 20 years of wireless experience, our A&E manager is able to lead our team to design and produce a sign design that works best to suit your needs. Similarly, our final site plans are sure to be accurate and contain a great deal of attention to detail in order to minimize potential issues once construction begins. With the site being crucial to the overall development of your wireless development project, we consider a number of factors when helping to choose a site and when creating plans for the space that you wish to use for your project. In this two-part article, we will take a closer look at what those various elements include.

Property Lines

Existing property lines are among the most important elements to consider when planning a wireless development project. Including the property lines on the development site plan is crucial. After all, no matter how amazing your project may be, you absolutely cannot encroach upon the property of others. Not only can failure to plan for property lines result in returning to the drawing board with your plans, but it can also lead to potential lawsuits if property lines are not respected. 

Surrounding Buildings and Infrastructure

In addition to respecting property lines, you also need to consider surrounding buildings and infrastructure when choosing a site and making plans for it. Information about surrounding buildings should be included on your plans, including the building height, zoning information, how the building is used and even fire hazards. 

Existing Conditions

As you are making plans for the site, you will also need to take note of the existing conditions and how your project will change them. When meeting with city officials, you will need to discuss existing conditions and proposed conditions in order to help those officials better grasp the scope of your design. This includes addressing things such as fence lines and utility lines. 

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