In this second of a two-part series, we will continue to explore the factors that need to be considered when developing a site plan for your wireless development project. The following are additional elements that need to be considered and included in your plan.


If you need to cross or maintain an element of your design on an adjacent property, this area is referred to as an easement. If you need a pipe to run across the corner of another property, for example, you will need an easement in order to have the legal right to cross that corner and to maintain your pipe. You may need to show this easement graphically or in text in order to ensure there is no question that the easement exists.

Construction Plans

Your site development plan should also include information regarding where the actual construction will take place and when. In addition, it should show where construction-related supplies will be stored as well as where equipment will be parked and where any assembly of items will occur.

Driveways and Parking

Your site development plan will also need to show how you will access your site, being sure to adhere to any code requirements. All of the dimensions for your driveway will need to be included in your plan as well. Similarly, you will need to include information regarding parking that includes information regarding dimensions, flow of traffic, accessible parking spaces and signage.

Surrounding Streets

The development of your site may also have an impact on surrounding streets. Therefore, your plan will need to address these impacts and how you will minimize them. Understanding traffic flow through and around your site is a crucial part of this process. By showing surrounding streets, both major and minor, on your site plan, you will be better able to determine traffic flow and how you can minimize the impact of your project on the general public. 

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