Established in Arizona in 2009, Coal Creek has years of experience with helping clients go from “Project Start” to “On-Air”. With our proven methods, we have demonstrated time and again that it is all about getting fast results with development that moves in time with technology. 

Expanding the Coal Creek Way

While Coal Creek was established in Arizona, our expertise has expanded throughout the West. In fact, we have already branched out to Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Southern Oregon. This year, we are also working on establishing a new office in the state of Utah. 

To date, we have all of the following credits to our name:

  • Worked on over 4,200 sites throughout the Western United States
  • Completed 725 New Leases
  • Processed over 1025 Amendments and 1050 LL Consents
  • Received more than 2550 Zoning Approvals (and zero denials)
  • Modified more than 1225 sites
  • Pulled over 1785 Building Permits
  • Completed 250 MW links
  • Managed Construction on more than 900 sites. 

With the extensive experience that we have to offer, you can rest easy in knowing that we will get you project started and completed without any major issues along the way. And, if issues do develop, you can be sure we will know just how to handle them in order to get your project completed on time and just as you wanted it to be.

Trust the Coal Creek Experience

If you are ready to get your project moving in the right direction, contact Coal Creek Consulting today! We will work with you from the beginning of your project’s development all the way through until its completion, thereby guaranteeing a streamlined process with the results you want and deserve. With our years of experience, you can count on us to get it done right the first time!