One of the services that Coal Creek is pleased to provide to our clients is that of title work. In this three-part series, we will explore what a title is, how Coal Creek can help and why it is important to complete title work before moving forward with your wireless development and site modification.

What is a Title?

The title for a property is the legal documentation that includes the specifics about the property that you are planning to purchase for your wireless development. This title specifies who has a claim to ownership of the property. While someone may feel as though he or she owns the property, the reality is that it is possible for others to have claim to the property. For example, if the previous owner failed to pay state or local taxes, the title may not be free and clear. There may also be mistakes or omissions in the deed, undisclosed heirs, conflicting will, money owed to contractors or even forgery affecting whether or not the title is free and clear.

Why is it Important to Perform a Title Search?

Performing a title search prior to making a purchase is an essential part of protecting your investment. If you purchase a property without first performing a search, you run the risk of losing ownership of the property. This is because if others have a claim to the property, they may come and demand the property even after you thought you purchased it free and clear. To avoid this problem from occurring, you must first perform a title search to ensure no one other than the person selling the property has a claim on the property. 

At Coal Creek, we will perform the title search for you to ensure the property will be yours after you purchase it. In this way, you can rest easy in knowing no problems will develop later.

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